PDR is the art of removing a dent from a vehicle by gently massaging the metal from the inside of the panel and putting it back to its original contour. It requires highly trained technicians along with specialized tools to properly remove the dent without affecting your vehicles factory finish Read More
Run in with a curb?, parking garage too small?, snow bank? Parking lot damage? Auto Magicians can fix those scratches and scuffs and save you time and money! With our proven technique of colour matching and blending we can help you avoid the cost of painting entire panels providing you with a guaranteed seemless repair. Read More
Let Auto Magicians help you navigate through your insurance claim process. We will contact your insurance company, help you resolve the claim and complete all the paperwork. We’ll also assist you with rental car arrangements and scheduling of your accident repairs. Then our skilled body and paint technicians will bring your car back to its original OEM condition. Read More
Auto Magicians specializes in paintless dent repair
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